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    One of the UKs leading digital web design agencies, london, essex, uk


    As a creative web design agency, we are passionate about our responsive web design and development services, ensuring that we create usable, useful and engaging websites that are responsive and adapt to tablets and mobiles to present your brand, message, products and services in the best possible light that truly engage with your audiences to drive sales and grow customer loyalty.

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    One of the UK and London's leading mobile design and marketing agencies, london, essex, uk


    Now more than ever, people are increasingly using mobiles and tablets to transact and search for businesses, products and services online. As one of the UKs leading digital agencies, we create usable and engaging mobile apps and mobile marketing and proximity marketing strategies that present your brand, message, products and services in the best possible light.

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    One of the UKs leading digital marketing agencies, london, essex, uk


    We are a full service digital agency operating across the UK that create integrated and omni-channel marketing and social engagement strategies that are innovative, agile, responsive and engaging to your target customers. Our campaigns are measurable, results-driven and operate cross-device and cross-channel to get your message across to the right person, anytime, anywhere.

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    As one of the best responsive web design and digital agencies, our services include: Web strategy, Information Architecture, Web design and development, Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress and SEO. We work in all sectors including retail, financial services, media and publishing, telecoms, utilities, luxury brands, travel, casinos and gaming, tourism and leisure, professional services, local government and public sector. We have clients in London, Essex, Manchester, Liverpool, Chelmsford, Basildon, Cambridge, Ipswich, Herts, Kent, East Anglia, Colchester, Norwich, Cambridge and throughout the UK and also international.
    Our leading web design services, support our social media and multi-channel and omni-channel marketing strategies. As a leading full service digital agency and one of the best web design companies in the UK we offer professional business and corporate web design across all sectors.
    We are an established, successful, full service digital marketing agency. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.
    Our formula is simple; we combine strategic business acumen, exceptionally creative ideas and innovative technology solutions to deliver measurable results for our clients. We create digital experiences that transform brands, enhance customer loyalty and contribute to better results.
    Not just another agency.
    Digital innovation, big ideas, a complete understanding of consumer behaviour and unforgettable campaigns are what make Heart New Media the agency it is.
    We are a full service digital agency operating across the UK that create digital and mobile solutions and strategies that are innovative, agile, responsive and engaging to your target customers. Our campaigns are measurable, results-driven and operate cross-device and cross-channel to get your message across, anytime, anywhere.
    The control of media has shifted to the customer. Brands, companies and organisations must make their customer’s communities, conversations and identity central to their business to create engaging experiences to meet these new expectations.
    Understanding the ‘why’ is the starting point to everything we do. Understanding the 'why' involves listening to you, understanding your business, customers and goals, and matching this with 'insight'.
    We match brands with customers by driving engagement through our deep understanding of consumer behaviour combined with market and competitor insights. We take a customer-centric multi-channel marketing approach to engage with your customers with the right message delivered through the right channel at the right time to drive sales, improve conversions, build customer loyalty and create communities of brand advocates.
    What we do:
    Strategy Information Architecture Interface Design Ecommerce CMS Intranets Usability & Accessibility Copywriting Media Web Analytics & Reporting Landing Pages & Micro-sites Online Surveys Search – SEO & Pay Per Click Social Media & Viral Email Marketing Loyalty Programmes Marketing Automation Display Advertising Affiliate Marketing Mobile Marketing Proximity marketing - iBeacons Brand Strategy & Positioning Print, DM & POS Collateral Web Applications Windows Apps Mobile Apps Facebook Apps Database Creation Database Cleaning System Integration iBeacon Solutions Domain Names Hosting
    WEB DESIGN (& INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE). Information Architecture focuses on the informational design of the site, essentially a blueprint from which the creative designer and developers work from. An Information Architect (IA) approach is recommended as it is a proven method to mitigate risk and control budget. This approach will include a number of different activities and deliverables. The objective is to design a solution which meets the needs of the user and the business requirements whilst recognising any technical limitations and constraints. What it provides:
    Information architecture is a combination of organizing a site's content into categories and creating an interface to support those categories.
    Part of information architecture is to help identify a focus - a necessary component of intuitive form and function.
    Architecture can and should be an extremely collaborative and iterative process, which evolves somewhat organically in as much structure that can be defined up-front as possible.
    The activities include:
    Identify user groups (segmentation model)
    User groups, (or segments) are groups of people that help address questions such as what information, products and services do they need? When will they need them? How do they want to interact with us? Why do they behave the way they do? User groups can be segmented in one or any combination of characteristics such as:
    Customer Demographics - age, gender, geography, income etc.
    Customer Behaviour — product ownership, transaction/visit frequency and channel use
    Customer Attitudes — technology optimism, brand loyalty, trust etc.
    Contribution - revenue, costs, lifetime value, profit etc.
    Very often, different user groups will use the site for different purposes and in different ways, therefore understanding the user groups, (and their needs) is important as the site needs to address the needs and goals for all key user groups, (in addition to users with disabilities).
    Develop persona to represent each user group that details features and functionality to meet user needs
    A persona is simply a characterisation of a fictional person that would typically fit within each of the user groups above who would typically use the site. Although fictional, a persona will have a name, age, gender, job title, and will have needs, goals and aspirations assigned to it so that we ensure that the site design will meet the needs of the character. The benefits of developing personae for each user group are:
    Users' goals and needs become a common point of focus for the project team
    They are relatively quick to develop and replace the need to canvass the whole user community and spend weeks gathering user requirements
    Design efforts can be prioritised based on the personas
    Designs can be constantly evaluated against the personas
    Create a detailed site map
    The site map is a visual aid to show how the site is structured. The Site Map illustrates various pages or page types throughout the site sections and the user paths to and from them.
    It is further developed at a later stage albeit in a different format and included on the site to help users find the information that they are looking for on the site. It tells users how many pages there will be and also what pages link together.
    Create user journeys (process flows) for features and functionality
    A process flow is basically a flowchart showing the journey required towards accomplishing user tasks or goals. The process flows do not necessarily show screen flows, only logical steps. All possible logic for each feature or set of user goals is shown. Each process flow for a group of goals is then combined into one large process map that shows the logic for the entire solution, to provide a blueprint for design and development team members. Develop wireframes for key templates
    Following on from the process flows and the site map, wire-frames will be designed. Wire-frames are a catalogue of screen-level templates representing each type of screen, interactivity or functional content listed in the site map. It forms the basis for all subsequent page-level information gathering. The wire-frames include both visual wire frame information showing screen layout and text content, navigation elements, descriptions and notes for each screen.
    Creative screen decks for iterative design in consultation with the client
    The final web site design will be that which is agreed by the client team. Heart New Media take an iterative approach when designing the creative look and feel of a website. Steps typically taken include:
    Creation of mood-boards: These are not actual suggested page designs but montages of imagery and colour schemes designed to get some direction from the client, particularly if there are no design guidelines, in preferred image, colour and typography style.
    Validation via Usability Study and Eye Tracking
    Heart New Media propose to include a validation round of usability testing based upon a sample of prototypical users. The format of the usability test is to conduct one-on-one task based interviews on a prototype of the solution to validate the design and mitigate the risk of user-rejection. If budget does not allow for this phase, a similar exercise could be conducted with client peers/colleagues.
    Responsive design. What is it? Simple. It’s when website onscreen content automatically changes layout depending on the screen size it’s being displayed on. A better question would be – what problems does it solve? Well, in recent years there has been an explosion in the use of mobile devices. Everywhere you look you are likely to see someone on a tablet, smartphone or netbook. Each of these has a different screen size and resolution. The changing landscape of devices means that learners’ expectations are also changing. People expect to be able to take their learning with them, and do it on their phones just as easily as they would on a desktop computer.
    Now, if you’ve ever accessed a website made for a PC on a phone, you’ll know it’s not ideal. You are left with two choices – see the whole page with tiny text (and buttons so small you can’t hope to tap the right one unless you have fingers the size of toothpicks that is), or zoom in and try to make sense of the website by crawling around it as if you’re an ant on a massive game board. Just to make matters more complicated, most mobile devices don’t come with just one orientation. Users expect their content to resize with their whims of holding the device in portrait or landscape. Needless to say designing a course for each and every type of device would be rather labour intensive. That’s where responsive design comes in – one course for every screen.

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