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    Mobilize your Retail Customer Experience with iBeacons and Proximity Marketing

    retail-prox4Retail Proximity Marketing is all about building powerful Customer Relationships through digital signage, mobile devices and location-based technologies, through which you can link any action to the behaviour of your customer.

    The way to configure your campaign is simple. You decide what triggers the action and what should happen at that moment. Encouraging in-store conversations has never been so easy.

    Using Proximity Marketing with iBeacon technology allows retailers to give customers faster, more accurate access to the information, offers, promotions and marketing messages they want. The key to success with proximity marketing is making the engagement relevant to the context the customer is in – their location.


    What is Proximity Marketing?

    'Proximity-based' means that consumers will be engaged through their mobile devices within a defined range of a small inexpensive beacon, (iBeacon). The range of each beacon can be set to Near, Far and Immediate to provide different actions which allow zones to be setup within larger spaces such as shopping malls and larger stores.

    For example, ibeacons can be setup at the entrance to engage customers as they enter (or exit) the mall or store. Further, ibeacons can be setup in the various mall or retail areas the bars and restaurants. This allows retailers and mall owners to engage with customers depending upon their shopping and visitation behaviours.

    Because customers' mobile phones are tracked by a unique technical identifier, retailers with a proximity marketing solution can utilize it to automatically create a digital profile of any given customer. And because that technical identifier is associated only with the customer's handheld device – and conveys no personal information - user privacy is absolutely assured.

    This profile is then continually informed and updated by customer activity that builds a large pool of data and intelligence in order to order to market products and services with much greater accuracy as established by clear customer interests, preferences and visitation patterns.


    What can you use Proximity Marketing for?

    • Send content such as messages, offers, coupons, product information, webpages, images, video or links to your customers mobile when they enter a mall or store and trigger a beacon
    • Send content to your customers mobile when they enter a zone area (i.e. shoes area or shirts area)
    • Collect analytics on visitation, shopping preferences, customer journeys and time-spent in various zones and the mall or store
    • Customer can activate triggers at various service and retail points to get relevant content at the point they need it – for example, product information on a particular product
    • Send a special offer to customers based on the length of time they have spent in a zone, for example if a customer has been in the shoes zone for 20 minutes, provide them with an additional discount to help secure the sale
    • Send follow-up content on a timed-basis, for example 24 hours after the customer's visit, send a message offering an incentive to come back soon
    • Paypal are currently rolling out cash-less payment via iBeacons which will become mainstream soon
    • Sync with back-end CRM systems for full 360 degree analytics

    Some Examples for the Retail Sector

    Way finding in shopping malls: iBeacons provide users with their exact location on our interactive map solution and can route them to any retailer with best in class user experience your patrons want.

    Nearby Promotions: Your shoppers love a great deal! iBeacon on Mall Maverick allow your patrons to access promotions like never before. By sorting promotions based on proximity to a user's location our platform can now notify your users when they are walking by a store promotion and prompt them to come inside.

    Geo Targeted Campaigns: Take promotions to the next level by offering specific coupons or contest entries for users who are within a specific location in the centre. Whether it's a retailer promotion or a centre promotion you can engage your users within specific areas or retailers within your centre.

    Welcome Messages: We know from experience that your patrons are passionate about your centre's native mobile app. By placing iBeacons at each of your centre's entrances you can send them a "Welcome!" message right to their device and promote specific content like promotions, contests, or loyalty programs.

    Footfall & Customer Behaviour Analysis: Also critically important to proximity marketing is the fact that it gives retailers a chance to learn more about how and when customers' visit, which areas of the mall or store they visit, their shopping preferences and how long they stay in each zone.

    Use Cases for the Retail Sector

    • Sally enters the mall or store which triggers a personal message to be sent to her providing her with special offers and promotions of the day.
    • 24 hours after Sally's visit, she receives a message thanking her for her visit and offering her an incentive if she visits again within the next 7 days.
    • Sally has been in the shoes zone for 20 minutes and a timed-trigger sends her a message offering her a 10% discount if she decides to purchase.
    • Shopping centres with their own app can use beacons to flag incentives and offers from their tenants. One scenario could be cafes pinging out a message to users who have been in the centre for over 90 minutes to come and take a break.
    • A department store could dot beacons around the building to take visitors on purchasing journeys. So a beacon placed next to a particular brand of women's shoe could alert the customer to a matching accessory or handbag in an adjacent department.

    If you would like to find out if iBeacons can help you engage your retail customers more effectively, please contact us on 01621 854554.

    Jim Webster is a digital strategist and Managing Director of Heart New Media. Jim has over 25 years of management, business and consultancy experience. Committed to helping brands deliver engaging experiences to meet the needs and expectation of their social customers by providing a comprehensive range of innovative and agile strategies, research, design and marketing services across all sectors including Financial Services, Retail, Luxury Brands, Utilities, Local Authorities, Telecom, Professional Services, Travel & Tourism and Not for Profit.

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