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    Mobilize your Customer Experience with iBeacons and Proximity Marketing

    iBeacon TechnologyProximity Marketing is all about building powerful Customer Relationships through digital signage, mobile devices and location-based technologies, through which you can link any action to the behaviour of your customer.

    The way to configure your campaign is simple. You decide what triggers the action and what should happen at that moment. Encouraging on-site/in-store conversations has never been so easy.

    Using Proximity Marketing with iBeacon technology allows brands, museums, galleries, retailers and leisure sites to give customers faster, more accurate access to the information, offers, promotions and marketing messages they want. The key to success with proximity marketing is making the engagement relevant to the context the customer is in – their location.

    What is Proximity Marketing?Location Based Services

    'Proximity-based' means that consumers will be engaged through their mobile devices within a defined range of a small inexpensive beacon, (iBeacon). The range of each beacon can be set to Near, Far and Immediate to provide different actions which allow zones to be setup within larger spaces such as shopping malls and larger stores.

    For example, iBeacons can be setup at the entrance to engage customers as they enter (or exit) the physical location, (gallery, museum, airport, store etc.). Further, iBeacons can be setup in the various areas throughout the physical site such as retail areas, the bars and restaurants etc. This allows organisations to engage with customers depending upon their visitation and shopping behaviours.
    Because customers' mobile phones are tracked by a unique technical identifier, organisations with a proximity marketing solution can utilize it to automatically create a digital profile of any given customer. And because that technical identifier is associated only with the customer's handheld device – and conveys no personal information - user privacy is absolutely assured.

    This profile is then continually informed and updated by customer activity that builds a large pool of data and intelligence in order to market products and services with much greater accuracy as established by clear customer interests, preferences and visitation patterns.

    Proximity Marketing

    What can you use Proximity Marketing for?

    • Send content such as messages, offers, coupons, product information, webpages, images, video or links to your customers mobile when they enter your physical location and trigger a beacon.
    • Send content to your customers' mobile when they enter a zone area (i.e. gift shop, bar, restaurant, gallery/museum area).
    • Footfall and customer behaviour analysis. Collect analytics on visitation, preferences, customer journeys and time-spent in various zones throughout the site.
    • Customers can activate triggers at various service and retail points to get relevant content at the point they need it – for example, information on a particular exhibit or point of interest.
    • Send a special offer to customers based on the length of time they have spent in a zone, for example if a customer has been in the gift shop for 20 minutes, provide them with an additional discount to help secure a sale.
    • Send follow-up content on a timed-basis, for example 24 hours after the customer's visit, send a message offering an incentive to come back soon or invite them to take part in a satisfaction survey.
    • Paypal are currently rolling out cash-less payment via iBeacons which will become mainstream soon.
    • Sync with back-end CRM systems for full 360 degree analytics.
    • Way finding in physical locations: iBeacons provide users with their exact location on an interactive map and can route them to any area (for example to the VIP lounge in an airport) offering a best in class user experience your patrons want.

    Use Cases for the Retail Sector


    • Sally enters the zoo/museum/gallery which triggers a personal message to be sent to her providing her with special offers, things to see and promotions of the day.
    • 24 hours after Sally's visit, she receives a message thanking her for her visit and offering her an incentive if she visits again within the next 7/14/28 days or inviting her to take a satisfaction survey.
    • Sally has been in the gift shop for 20 minutes and a timed-trigger sends her a message offering her a 10% discount if she decides to make a purchase.
    • Salley visits the museum and iBeacons help her navigate through various museum areas, obtain contextual information on exhibits as she passes them thus offering her a complete self-guided tour.
    • Stadiums can use iBeacons to help patrons find seats, upgrade seats, join a loyalty programme and sell merchandise.
    • An airport (or cruise ship, theme park etc.) could dot beacons around the building to aid visitors with navigation and purchasing journeys.

    Some Examples for the Travel, Tourism & Leisure Sector

    • As Ben approaches different zones within a zoo/wildlife park, an iBeacon is triggered that provides information on the organisations charitable/conservation work, encouraging him to sign-up, make a donation or sponsor an animal.
    • Luke has been in the leisure attraction for three hours. He receives a message that reminds him of the attraction's bar and restaurant facilities, informs him of the day's specials and provides a discount voucher to use if he visits the that day.
    • Mr and Mrs Smith are on a crusie ship for a week's holiday. Throughout the week they are sent timed messages that alert them to particular events, discounts, and daily specials according to their personal interests and holiday itinerary.

    How We Can Help

    We are an experienced digital agency, combining strategy with innovation and end-to-end service delivery. With a deep understanding of customer behaviours, we use research and data to gain unique insights into customer goals, behaviours, expectations and preferences, which results in compelling loyalty propositions and effective engagement programmes that truly deliver results.

    And that is exactly where our 'FIND, ENGAGE AND CONVERT LOYALTY & CRM MARKETING STRATEGIES' provide the essential 'THINKING' that drives the 'DOING'.

    We're also an experienced mix of customer strategists, analysts, technologists and marketers who, as a team, are passionate about our clients and everything we do. Since 2003, our team has helped some big brands and businesses understand their customers and define clear strategic direction that seize the opportunities to acquire and retain more customers, reduce churn and see significant growth as a result.

    That's why we can consistently deliver results for start-ups to super-brands in the most competitive sectors in the world.

    Our services and expertise includes:

    • Customer Segmentation Models
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Data Analysis & Modelling
    • CRM & Loyalty Ecomms Strategy
    • End to End Service Delivery
    • Multi-Device, Multi-Channel
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • SMS & Mobile Campaigns
    • Loyalty Mobile Apps
    • iBeacons, Proximity & Geo-Fencing
    • Vouchers, Offers & Rewards
    • Marketing Automation
    • Benchmarking & Analytics
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